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10MCY14-1B high pressure hydraulic axial piston Pump63YCY14-1B high pressure hydraulic axial piston Pump

Place of Origin China
Certification CE ISO
Model Number 63YCY14-1B
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price contact us
Packaging Details standrd package
Delivery Time 5-7 work day
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 65 pcs

Product Features

Product Description

1. Chinese patented pump

2. Very competitive price and fast delivery time

3. 1 year of warranty

4. Widely applied for aerospace, ship, forging, mine, petroleum, chemical, plastic,

metallurgical, building and other industry etc.

Product Description

This series of axial piston pump will have 31.5 MPa pressure pure hydraulic oil input to all kinds of hydraulic press, hydraulic motor and hydraulic system, to generate huge motivation.

At the same time, this pump can be used as a hydraulic motor. According to the needs, this pump has a variety of variable form. The oil pump, oil motor is widely used in ship, aviation, mining, metallurgy, casting, forging, machine tool of all kinds of machinery, its characteristic is small in volume, high efficiency, long service life, advanced design, compact structure, convenient maintenance.

The working principle and structure of YCY14-1B quantitative axial piston pump:

The main body is driven by the drive shaft to rotate the cylinder block, so that seven plungers evenly distributed on the cylinder block rotate around the center line of the drive shaft, and the sliding boots in the column sliding group are pressed on the variable head (or the swash plate) by the center spring. The plunger moves reciprocally along with the rotation of the cylinder body to complete the action of oil absorption and oil pressing.

Product series

Our factory specializes in producing CY14-1B series axial piston pump models:

(1) MCY14-1B (quantitative axial piston pump)

(2) SCY14-1B (manual variable axial piston pump)

(3) YCY14-1B (constant power variable axial piston pump)

(4) MYCY14-1B (graded variable axial piston pump)

(5) PCY14-1B (constant pressure variable axial piston pump)

(6) BCY14-1B (electro-hydraulic proportional variable Pump)

1) Flow 1.25-400 MCY14-1B (quantitative axial piston pump) specific models: 1.25 MCY14-1B, 2.5 MCY14-1B, 5MCY14-1B, 10MCY14-1B, 16MCY14-1B, 25MCY14-1B, 32MCY14-1B, 40MCY14-1B, 63MCY14-1B, 80MCY14-1B, 160MCY14-1B, 250MCY14-1B, 400MCY14-1B.

2) Flow 10-400 SCY14-1B (manual variable axial piston pump) specific models: 10SCY14-1B, 16SCY14-1B, 25SCY14-1B, 32SCY14-1B, 40SCY14-1B, 63SCY14-1B, 80SCY14-1B, 160SCY14-1B, 250SCY14-1B, 400SCY14-1B.

3) Flow 10-400YCY14-1B (constant power variable axial piston pump) specific models: 10YCY14-1B, 16YCY14-1B, 25YCY14-1B, 32YCY14-1B, 40YCY14-1B, 63YCY14-1B, 80YCY14-1B, 160YCY14-1B, 250YCY14-1B, 400YCY14-1B.

4) Flow 10-160MYCY14-1B (Classified Variable Axial Piston Pump) Specific Model: 10MYCY14-1B, 25MYCY14-1B, 40MYCY14-1B, 63MYCY14-1B, 80MYCY14-1B, 160MYCY14-1B.

5) Flow 10-400 PCY14-1B (constant pressure variable axial piston pump) specific models: 10PCY14-1B, 16PCY14-1B, 25PCY14-1B, 32PCY14-1B, 40PCY14-1B, 63PCY14-1B, 80PCY14-1B, 160PCY14-1B, 250PCY14-1B, 400PCY14-1B.

6) Flow 25-400 BCY14-1B (electro-hydraulic proportional variable axial piston pump) specific models: 25BCY14-1B, 40BCY14-1B, 63BCY14-1B, 80BCY14-1B, 160BCY14-1B, 250BCY14-1B, 400BCY14-1B.


product uses

Products are widely used in mining, petrochemical, construction, metallurgy, forging, shipping, aerospace, plastics, machinery and other industries

after-sales service

After sale service promise: the quality of this product is guaranteed for one year.

packing: ordinary wooden case packing, for export, non fumigation wooden box packing.

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