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R900442260 SL10 PA2-4X Bosch Rexroth Check valve hydraulically pilot operated

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Product Details

Condition:New Brand:Bosch Rexroth
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Product Description

Material number Designation
R900419510 HY-CHECK VALVESL10PA4-4X/
R900438637 HY-CHECK VALVESL10PB3-4X/
R900442260 HY-CHECK VALVESL10PA2-4X/
R900443418 HY-CHECK VALVESL10PA3-4X/
R900443419 HY-CHECK VALVESL10PB1-4X/
R900445826 HY-CHECK VALVESL10GA4-4X/
R900447726 HY-CHECK VALVESL10GB3-4X/
R900450776 HY-CHECK VALVESL10GA2-4X/
R900451135 HY-CHECK VALVESL10GB1-4X/
R900451335 HY-CHECK VALVESL10PB4-4X/
R900454520 HY-CHECK VALVESL10GA3-4X/
R900457386 HY-CHECK VALVESL10PB2-4X/
R900474395 HY-CHECK VALVESL10GB2-4X/
R900483370 HY-CHECK VALVESL10GA1-4X/
R900536395 HY-CHECK VALVESL10GB4-4X/
R901301264 HY-CHECK VALVESL10PB3-4X/VJ50
R901341937 HY-CHECK VALVESL10PA3-4X/J50
R901402148 HY-CHECK VALVESL10PA1-4X/VJ50
R901406522 HY-CHECK VALVESL10PA1-4X=VJ50
R901430218 HY-CHECK VALVESL10PA1-4X/J3
R901501554 HY-CHECK VALVESL10GA1-4X/J3


Bosch Rexroth Check valve hydraulically pilot operated SL10 PA2-4X are the most universally applied products for controlling the start, stop, and direction of fluid flow in a circuit. Rexroth’s directional valve technology includes:
Sliding spool
Poppet type
Screw-in cartridge valves
DIN cavity installations
Models SED and SEW Directional Control Valves
Models SED and SEW Directional Control Valves
Hydraulics Application: Directional poppet valves, direct operated
Sizes 6 and 10
Porting pattern to DIN 24340 form A and ISO 4401
Leak-free isolation of closed port
Solenoids with detachable coil
Pressure-tight chamber needs not to be opened for changing the coil (type SED)
Reliable switching when under pressure over longer periods of standstill
Models WMM, WMR, and WMU Directional Control Valves
Hydraulics Application: Directional spool valves, direct operated, with mechanical or manual actuation
RE22280 (WMM, WMR, WMU, WMD - Size 6)
RE22331 (WMM, .R, .U, .D, WN, WP, WHD - Size 10)
RE22371 (WMM - Size 16 to 32)
Porting pattern to DIN 24340 form A and ISO 4401
As cartridge valve (version “K”)
Position monitoring by
inductive position switch or
mechanical position switch, optional (RE 24830)
Operation by means of
lever (type WMM)
roller (type WMR, WMU)
Models WP and WH Directional Control Valves
Hydraulics Application: Directional spool valves, direct operated, with fluidic actuation
RE22282 (WP, WH - Size 6)
Key features:
Size 6
Direct operated directional spool valve
Operating elements:
Porting pattern to DIN 24 340 form A, without locating pin hole (standard); NFPA T3.5.1 MR1 and ANSI B93.7 D03
Porting pattern to ISO 4401 and CETOP–RP 121 H, with locating pin hole (ordering detail .../60 at the end of the valve type code); NFPA T3.5.1 MR1 and ANSI B93.7 D03
Models WE Directional Control Valves
Models WE Directional Control Valves
Hydraulics Application: Directional spool valves, direct operated, with solenoid actuation
RE23178 (WE - Size 6)
RE23327 (WE - Size 10)
RE23351 (5-.WE - Size 10)
RA23183 (WE..A12 - Size 10)
Bosch Rexroth Check valve hydraulically pilot operated SL10 PA2-4X Key features:
Wet-pin AC or DC solenoids
Solenoids with detachable coil
For subplate mounting (“P”): Porting pattern to DIN 24340 form A and ISO 4401
Electrical connection as individual connection or central connection
Optional inductive position monitoring (RE 24830)
Smooth switching characteristics
Models 4WEH and 4WH Directional Control Valves
Models 4WEH and 4WH Directional Control Valvesv Hydraulics Application: Directional spool valves, 4/2- and 4/3-way directional valves pilot operated 4WEH, externally pilot operated 4WH
RE24751 (WEH, WH - Size 10)
Key features:
Sizes 10 to 32
Valves used to control the start, stop and direction of a fluid flow
Electro-hydraulic operation (WEH, hydraulic operation (WH)
For subplate mounting,Porting pattern to DIN 24 340 form A, ISO 4401 and CETOP-RP 121 H; NFPA T3.5.1 MR1 and ANSI B93.7 D05, D07, D08, or D10 Subplates to catalog sheets RE 45 054 to RE 45 060 separate order), see pages 18 to 22
Spring or pressure centered, spring or hydraulic offset
Wet pin DC or AC solenoids, optional
Hand override, optional
Electrical connections as an individual or central connection (see RA 23 178)
Switching time adjustment, optional
Back pressure valve in the P-channel of the main valve, optional
Models WE and WEH Directional Control Valves UL 429
All offer Rexroth’s proven hydraulics quality: precise tolerances, exact machining methods, and highly engineered spool profiles, which provide a flexibility and variability to individual circuit or system solutions. Extensive experience in spool development technology permits Rexroth to offer improved shifting characteristics coupled with reduced shock loads during transition.
RA08316 (SO43A-1755)
Key features:
Sizes 6, 10, 22
Approved for use in UL Listed and/or UL Classified OEM systems
The UL recognized component mark, UL File MH28670, ensures our valves successfully meet UL standards for safety
Accessories for 4/3, 4/2 and 3/2 directional valves
Models WE, WEH and WH
Key features:
Sizes 6 to 32
Inductive position switch
Stroke adjustment elements (valve types WEH and WH only)
Direct monitoring of the spool position
High reliability
Long service life
Directional spool and seat valves with electrical actuation and M12x1 plug-in connection
Models WE, SED and SEW
Key features:
Sizes 6 and 10
Individual connection directly on the solenoid coil
Central connection at the housing
Integrated operating display with light-emitting diodes (LED)
Integrated interference protection circuit (suppressor diode)
Electrical power consumption 8 and 30 Watt
Function version according to ANSI
Explosion -proof Directional Control Valves

R900442260 SL10 PA2-4X Product Description

Nominal sizes 10 to 32

Component series 4X

Maximum operating pressure 315 bar

Maximum flow 550 l/min


For subplate mounting

– Connection location to ISO 5781

– Subplates to data sheet RE 45062 (separate order)

– For threaded connections

– With internal or external pilot oil drain, optional

– With or without decompression feature, optional

– Version with decompression feature for dampened decompression (minimising possible pressure shocks)

– 4 opening pressures, optional

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