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PV2R34-76-136-FREAA YUKEN Double Vane Pump

Place of Origin JAPAN
Brand Name YUKEN
Certification CE ISO
Model Number PV2R34-76-136-FREAA
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price contact us
Packaging Details standrd package
Delivery Time 5-7 workdays
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 60 pcs

Product Features

Product Description

Acting distributor YUKEN series of hydraulic products, including vane pump, variable displacement plunger pump, hydraulic pump, plunger pump, stack valve, pressure control valve, electromagnetic relief valve, solenoid directional valve, pressure reducing valve, throttle valve, hydraulic valve, hydraulic motor, electro-hydraulic proportional control valve, pressure valve, flow valve, directional valve, proportional valve, stack valve, etc. Add valves, cartridge valves, hydraulic accessories and hydraulic circuit design. The company's products are widely used in packaging machinery, injection molding machinery, rubber machinery, hydraulic machinery, die-casting machinery, plastic machinery, construction machinery, machine tools, forging machinery and walking machinery and other original genuine goods, a large number of spot supply.

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Japan's original oil research YUKEN vane pump, the stock type is as follows:

PV2R1-6-L-RAA-43 PV2R1-8-L-RAA-43 PV2R1-10-L-RAA-43

PV2R1-12-L-RAA-43 PV2R1-14-L-RAA-43 PV2R1-17-L-RAA-43

PV2R1-19-L-RAA-43 PV2R1-23-L-RAA-43 PV2R1-25-L-RAA-43

PV2R1-31-L-RAA-43 PV2R1-6-F-RAA-43 PV2R1-8-F-RAA-43

PV2R1-10-F-RAA-43 PV2R1-12-F-RAA-43 PV2R1-14-F-RAA-43

PV2R1-17-F-RAA-43 PV2R1-19-F-RAA-43 PV2R1-23-F-RAA-43

PV2R1-25-F-RAA-43 PV2R1-31-F-RAA-43 PV2R2-41-L-RAA-41

PV2R2-47-L-RAA-41 PV2R2-53-L-RAA-41 PV2R2-59-L-RAA-41

PV2R2-65-L-RAA-41 PV2R2-41-F-RAA-41 PV2R2-47-F-RAA-41

PV2R2-53-F-RAA-41 PV2R2-59-F-RAA-41 PV2R2-65-F-RAA-41

PV2R12-31-33-F-REAA-4222 PV2R12-19-41-F-REAA-4222

PV2R12-31-47-F-REAA-4222 PV2R12-8-33-F-REAA-4222

PV2R23-65-116-F-REAA-41 PV2R24-47-184-F-RAAA-31

PV2R24-47-136-F-RAAA-31 PV2R3-76-L-RAA-31

PV2R3-94-L-RAA-31 PV2R3-116-L-RAA-31 PV2R3-76-F-RAA-31

PV2R3-94-F-RAA-31 PV2R3-116-F-RAA-31 PV2R4-136-L-RAA-30

PV2R34-76-136-F-REAA-31 PV2R4-153-L-RAA-30

PV2R4-184-L-RAA-30 PV2R4-200-L-RAA-30 PV2R4-237-L-RAA-30

PV2R4-136-F-RAA-30 PV2R4-153-F-RAA-30 PV2R4-184-F-RAA-30

PV2R4-200-F-RAA-30 PV2R4-237-F-RAA-30

Features of Japan's original oil research YUKEN vane pump:

1, use the frequency of the shaft and piston structure to rotate, and low noise is the characteristic of the hydraulic motor.

2, the starting torque is large, the speed is low, the stability is good, and run smoothly at lower speed.

3. Patented flat compensation and oil pan, reliability, no leakage; Piston, piston ring seal cover, with high volumetric efficiency;

4. The roller bearings of crankshaft and connecting rod have very high mechanical efficiency.

5, reversible rotation direction, output shaft allows a certain axial force and radial force.

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